Mini Ebook: 5 Japanese Yakitori Skewers for One

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In the ebook: 5 Japanese Yakitori Skewers for one, I will take you on a journey to traditional Japanese cuisine and introduce you to yakitori, a delicious grilled dish that is loved by people all over the world.

I have carefully selected a number of different ingredients and marinades to give you variety and the opportunity to experiment in your own kitchen.



Mini ebook: 5 Japanese Yakitori skewers for One, is an ebook that gives you recipes for 5 different variations of the popular Japanese barbecue skewer. Yakitori is a delicious and simple dish consisting of small pieces of meat, vegetables or other ingredients that are skewered on bamboo sticks and then cooked in the oven.

Each recipe is easy to follow and gives you step-by-step instructions to prepare the ingredients and cook the skewers perfectly.
In addition, you will learn about the different types of marinades and sauces used in the recipes.

The 5 different yakitori contain chicken skin, chicken and spring onion, Imperial cap mushroom, asparagus and bacon, pork and ginger.

With mini ebook: 5 Japanese Yakitori skewers for One, you will learn how to prepare a delicious and authentic Japanese dish in your own kitchen. The book is suitable for anyone who is interested in Japanese food and wants to experiment with new recipes.

All recipes are developed for 1 person.

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About the author

Zoë Escher is a Japanese trained sushi chef with 16 years of experience as a chef.
She has taught more than 3200 people the art of Japanese food and made private dining.

In Denmark she is considered to be the most experienced Sushi Chef.
In 2013 she was guest judge on Masterchef, Denmark.
She has also made sushi Japanese cuisine dishes as staff food for the three-star Michelin restaurant Geranium.

Webshop by sushi chef Zoë Escher is a Japanese shop by Denmark’s most experienced Japanese trained sushi chef since 2006.

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